Welcome to Mordren’s War.

You have arrived in a realm where magic is outlawed, war rages, and none feel safe.

For years, the kingdoms of Valdera and Mordren have been at war. The world has been split up into two realms, the Northrealm and the Middlerealm. Disgusted by the arrogance and brutality displayed by the Humans, the elvish race known as the Aeterna, who had inhabited the realm for thousands of years, have fled the country in search of new lands. Now all that remains are war torn kingdoms.

“How did it come to this?” you might ask. It began 10 years ago when Crane Mordren, the 16 year old heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Mordren, had taken over the crown from his deceased father. As Crane’s first command, he decreed that not only shall he be crowned the lord of Mordren Castle, he was also to be declared the sovereign emperor of the realm. The kingdom of Mordren would serve as the capital city of all the realms.

Unsurprisingly, the other kingdoms refused to recognize Crane’s authority. He was just a delusional child with a new set of toy soldiers at his command. However, despite his age, Crane was a strategic genius. His father had employed the greatest tacticians in the land to prepare him for his reign. Crane knew exactly what he was doing.

Enraged by their unwillingness to comply, the 16 year old emperor Crane Mordren, followed by 6 of his most loyal soldiers, marched into the neighboring kingdom of Felshire in the middle of the night, and murdered everyone in Felshire Keep with masterful precision. No one, king nor peasant, was spared. The farms were all razed and livestock slaughtered. This would serve as a warning to all the other kingdoms. The name Mordren would be taken seriously. When the news of Felshire’s fate started to spread, most of the smaller settlements immediately declared their allegiance to their young new emperor.

Crane had an obsessive hatred toward magic users. It is not known exactly why, but some theorize that it’s because he has no magic ability himself, and Crane’s jealousy led to hatred. Whatever the reason, Crane quickly outlawed magic use, through propaganda began spreading the notion that elves and magic users were akin to thieves and murderers. He erected magic-detecting belltowers within each settlement that alert the guards to any who dare disobey. He began imprisoning the magic-using race of Elves known as the Aeterna on the island settlement of Arindale. Many Aeterna fled in secret to the western Silver Mountains under the protection of Valdera. Others journeyed to the frigid north where Mordren’s presence cannot be felt.

After finally realizing the gravity of the situation, Lord Ebon Thorncrest of Valdera began erecting a 30 foot wall, reaching from coast to coast and splitting the continent in half. Thorncrest also built 4 great watchtowers overlooking the Central Plains. This gave Valdera a great vantage point in the event of an invasion. This, along with Valdera’s strategic location behind the Silver Mountains, made an on-foot assault near impossible for Mordren to attempt.

It has been 10 years since Crane Mordren declared himself emperor, and his dominance is more widespread than ever. There is near constant conflict in the Central Plains and Mordren’s forces are pushing their way into the swampy ruins of Felshire. If something isn’t done soon, the Northrealm will be overtaken. There is no time to lose.

Mordren's War